Strong, durable, stylish and handmade cotton bags with drawstring are trendy worldwide. Veneris Milano brings this trend to your wardrobe! Our handmade cotton bags with drawstring are unique in Europe and are also made of 100% pure cotton.

We guarantee you a comfortable wearing comfort and easy-care material, which is of course also washable. The trendy sports bag has three practical compartments including a zipper pocket for your valuables inside your cotton bag. No matter if big or small, you will find the cotton bag with drawstring for your person and your needs.

Individuality is required - be unique!
True to our motto and principle "Every day is a Friday" we bring you unique designs and styles. Cotton bags with drawstring are by no means a novelty. So we don't reinvent the wheel, instead we combine functionality with looks and sustainability.

Cotton bags with drawstring - the material convinces!
Cotton is a natural material that is often used for T-shirts thanks to its perfect fit. Why not alsouse it for a stylish backpack with drawstring? Take the right bag to the beach, do some shopping or go out in the town. For sports, school or university - our cotton bags are universally applicable.

No big lugging! Just fill your trendy sports bag, put it on and go! As a robust, durable and very tear-resistant material, cotton is best suited for clothing, but also for bags. Thanks to its good adaptability, your cotton bag is smaller when you take little with you or offers you the necessary storage space when you need it. Up to 62 litres fits our largest model.

The Bag is dirty? Just wash it!
To keep your bag in shape and clean, we've made our handmade cotton bags with cord machine washable. Simply put them in the washing machine at 30°C and hang them outside to dry.

The sports bags from Veneris Milano are handmade and are impregnated with water and dirt repellent before delivery, so you can use your bag right away!
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