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Cotton T-shirts from Veneris Milano - perfect fit, durable material and unique designs!

T-Shirts made of 100% cotton
Made of natural material, cotton T-shirts offer a high level of wearing comfort, are particularly soft and have high breathability. T-shirts made of 100% cotton feel pleasant on the skin and even allergy sufferers can usually wear the fabric without much concern.

Dense cotton and a suitable cut ensure that the material fits perfectly to your body. Furthermore, the material can be dyed in any colour, which offers a huge selection of unique designs.

Your wardrobe will love our t-shirts!
Cotton T-shirts from Veneris are suitable for a wide range of occasions, whether for leisure or sports. The urban street style look with the trendy print looks casual and sporty in combination with jeans and sneakers.

Fancy print
round neck
100% cotton with high-quality processing
Pleasantly soft wearing comfort
Easy care, very wash resistant
Various motifs
BAUMWOLL T-shirts for every figure

With the cotton T-shirt the basic shape is always the same, but depending on the figure there are some tips to find the perfect T-shirt. There are two basic fits, which apply to both men and women: Slim-Fit and Regular-Fit. Slim-Fit shirts are slim-fit and, in the case of women's shirts, are also extra-tallied. The Regular-Fit is ideal for strong figures, because its loose fit also covers small pads.

If you have a rather round head and short neck, a V-neck T-shirt is suitable, as it visually stretches the neck and extends the upper body. The round neckline is more suitable for narrow faces and long necks, as it ensures harmonious proportions.

How to keep cotton T-shirts beautiful for a long time
If you want to enjoy your cotton T-shirts for a long and good looking time, you should take the following tips to heart. The cotton T-shirts should be washed at a maximum of 30°C. The printed side must be turned to the left before each washing cycle.

To make ironing easier, shake the shirts vigorously when damp to reduce creases. T-shirts with motifs should always be ironed on the left side and never put in the tumble dryer.
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